About Emalog

About us

In General

Emalog Weighing Systems is a small - family owned - company located in Budapest. We are active in the scale business since 1992. Our current activities cover the followings:

  • Development and production of industrial weighing indicators (for the USA and domestic market)
  • Design and installation of industrial weighing instruments and connected process control systems
  • Production of standard own bench scales, floor scales and truck scales
  • Import of scales, load cells, parts and accessories from USA, UK, Poland, Germany, Taiwan, China, Korea, Japan
  • Hardware and software product development for scale companies (export to USA)
  • Consulting

Since 1992 we have established several valuable contacts all over the world and built a cooperative network in Hungary. Emalog is currently selling or repearing the following brands on the local market:

  • Emalog
  • Radwag
  • Rice Lake Weighing Systems
  • Vishay Transducers
  • Flintec
  • Shimadzu
  • Excell
  • Atrax (partner of Atrax Group providing service for airport check-in scales).


Emalog released its first own electronic weighing indicator in 1999. The ES-2000 still features outstanding metrological parameters. It was the first Ethernet enabled universal indicator on the market. Besides the embedded WEB server the supported communication methods now cover USB, ProfiBus, IrDA, plastic optical fiber. Our development group has been contracted by a leading company to execute complete product development for the US market.
These days our product development is mainly focused on IP-based scale network solutions, versatile floor scales, special industrial applications, digital load cells, new generation of weighing indicators..
Based on the above results our engineering team won the "Outstanding Young Innovators of the Year" award (IMFA) in Hungary in 2003.

Mechanical Production

Emalog has organized an effective cooperative network of companies capable of producing metal parts, steel platforms for a wide variety of products ranging from bench scales to truck scale bridges. The mechanical design process is 100% CAD based, the manufacturing technology is currently 40% CAM based.

Experience and Competence

We have more than 13 years of experience in designing, manufacturing, installing and repairing electronic scales. Our company has up-to-date information about the global weighing industry and latest market tendencies. Two of our engineers are part-time lecturers at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics taking part in the education of strain-gauge weighing technology.


Emalog facilities are mostly located in an industrial park on the outskirts of Budapest where the company can flexibly modify its allocated production area. We have high bandwidth continuous Internet connection (min 4 Mbit/s night and day). Currently 6 employees work for us, 6 of them speak English, 2 of them speak German and English. Spanish is also spoken at a basic level. Our English (and Hungarian) WEB content is under development. This moment Emalog's pages are only available in Hungarian: www.emalog.hu.

Emalog Weighing Systems Ltd.

Budapest, H-1631 P.O.B. 19. Hungary
Tel.: (+36-1)-403-52-62, (+36-1)-403-16-21
Fax.: (+36-1)-403-06-01
Email: info@emalog.hu

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